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HQD BOX 4000 Pineapple Ice is a disposable device with a special taste of tropical burst of pineapple, sweet-sharp tropical flavour.




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HQD BOX Australia 4000 Puffs Product Description

HQD BOX 4000 Pineapple Ice Is a disposable device with a special taste of tropical burst of pineapple, sweet-sharp tropical flavour

HQD BOX – Pineapple Ice is part of our  HQD BOX 4000 Puffs Disposable Vape range.

This powerful device features a rechargeable 1500 mAh battery capacity as well as lasting with more than 4000 puffs! The mesh coil produces true-to-taste flavors that will have your taste buds running wild. HQD’s super-rich e-liquid flavors separate themselves from the competition. It’s a sleek box design and feels great in the hand, making it easy to carry! It’s hard to go wrong with the HQD  BOX disposable vape pod device.

Product BrandHQD
Product ModelHQD BOX Vape Australia
Puffs Number4000+
Battery Capacity1500 mAh
E-juice Capacity10 ml
Coil Resistance1.4 Ohm
Weight65 g
Built MaterialPolymeric
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HQD BOX Australia 4000 Puffs Product Analysis

Each HQD BOX is equipped with fashionable tethers and necessary accessories, so that you can take a sip anytime, anywhere and attract everyone‘s attention at a glance. Its ergonomic shape makes its easy to carry in the palm of your hand reducing the risk of dropping it.

In the all new HQD Box series, HQD uses their unique leak-resistance technology for the first time. The enhanced e-juice container will significantly reduce leaking. It’s also strong enough to endure a certain level of shocks from dropping. 

Comparing to the IGET and Gunnpod products, HQD vape bars are famous of the purity of their flavours. They are fairly popular in the white-collar and office staff community. We also notice ladies prefer HQD a bit more than other brands. The flavours last for the entire life cycle of the product until the very last puff of the battery life. Generally speaking the flavours remain fairly stable for almost all the time tested. And from batch to batch their tastes do not vary. This might be one of the secrets why HQD becomes so popular and well-loved.

It really depends on how big a puff you sip every time. 

In our opinion, all brands tend to exaggerate the number of puffs and HQD is not one of the worst. Customers should pay more attention to the battery specs than the marked puff numbers. Actually HQD’s BOX 4000 puffs lasts the same, if not longer than some other brand’s 5000 puffs, according to some of our customers.  

It’s like the fuel efficiency L/100KM for a car – no one on earth can really achieve that number. 

Producing 4000 puffs, the HQD BOX allows you to enjoy each day stress-free of having to buy new disposable. Its 1500mAH battery ensures that you will get every puff you can out of it before its runs out of juice, letting you smoke for days and at times weeks.

This Box Series is using similar types of juice oil to the Cuvie Plus. For those who love the 1200 puffs Cuvie Plus, you can try the Box. 
Please keep in mind HQD is constantly fine tuning their products.

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Weight 0.083 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 15 cm


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