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15/2/23 – Today in vaping news – Please note that there will be a short term IGET BAR shortage as China IGET warehouse has been running at very low capacity due to increase in Covid cases and quarantines followed by Chinese New Year. Normal productivity should resume in the next few weeks. Thanks for your continued patience.

1/4/23 – IGET Bar supplies are returning back to normal as China gets back to normal production volumes and reduction in covid 19 cases in manufacturing regions.

3/8/23 – Sooo PayPal in their infinite wisdom have unfortunately removed the payment option from our website, which I’ve noticed lately is becoming a common occurrence as they don’t want to associate their brand with this revolutionary industry.

As such, we are working on other payment platforms to introduce to the site but for now, there is only direct transfer available. Apologies for the inconvenience.

5/10/23 – Raids and seizures by the TGA and Border Force in Sydney and Melbourne a few days ago have significantly impacted the vaping industry by ‘holding’ all seized imported vapes to what can only assume – test them for nicotine and as a bi-product, have forced the prices of vapes to increase for the foreseeable future due to lack of supply. Hopefully this will only be a short term issue as there is not enough supply to meet the demand but only time will tell.

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